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Graph Software

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    Does anyone know of a simple, easy to use, program (freeware or otherwise, but preferable the former) for plotting [line] graphs?

    I am seeking a program into which I can enter an equation (or two of them for a combined graph) and then it does the rest!

    Ideally it will be a program that does not require me to learn a special language in order to communicate with it. A program that will allow me to enter into it a formula as formulæ is normally expressed.

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    gnuplot? .
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    Thanks. I just Googled it, will DL and give it a try!
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    Thank you too! I will give this one a tryout also!
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    I DL'ed the version for PC, but it is a .sis file type. Is there anyway I can use a .sis on a PC?
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    For onscreen viewing on Windows,
    Graphmatica http://www8.pair.com/ksoft/ [Broken]

    from the "PowerToys for Windows XP", Power Calculator
    screenshot: http://www.winsupersite.com/images/reviews/wxp_pt_05.gif [Broken]

    For plotting on paper [and screen viewing], gnuplot [as mentioned above] is quite versatile
    http://t16web.lanl.gov/Kawano/gnuplot/index-e.html [Broken] (great reference)
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    Many thanks, robphy.
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