Graph the weight gain and loss during the pregnancy

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During pregnancy, a woman's weight naturally increases during the course of the event. When she delivers, her weight immediately decreases by the approximate weight of the child. Suppose that a 120-lb woman gains 27lb during pregnancy, delivers a 7-lb baby, and then, through diet and exercise, loses the remaining weight during the next 20 weeks.

a) Graph the weight gain and loss during the pregnancy and the 20 weeks following the birth of the baby. Assume that the pregnancy lasts 40 weeks, that delivery occurs immediately after this time interval, and that the weight gain/loss before and after birth is linear.

b) Is this a continuous function? If not, then find the values of t where the function is discontinuous.

First of all, i don't know how to graph it. can anybody show me that?

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On the vertical axis you put the weight (lb) and on the horizontal axis time (weeks). At time 0 the weight is 120lb and at time 40 the weight is 147lb. So the linear function is a line from (0;120) to (40;147). When she gives birth, she immediately loses 7lb (still time 40), so now the weight is 140lb. Then by time 60 she's back down to 140-20=120lb. So draw a graph from (40;140) to (60;120).

EDIT: Oh, and I think the intervals on the x-axis should be [0;40] and (40;60] (or the other way around, you just have to include 40 once).

- Kamataat
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um...i got some idea about the graph...but just to make sure...can u graph it out for me?
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gillgill, you've been around here long enough to know we're not going to fall for that one!