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Homework Help: Graph Theory and Bipartite graphs

  1. Mar 14, 2010 #1
    I have a problem involving graph theory. This is not a graph theory course though so I do not know much about it.

    If we have complete bipartite graphs consider whethere or not they are graceful.

    A graph is graceful provided the vertices of the graph can be assigned v distinct integers from 0 to e in such a way that each integer from 1 to e arises as the absolute value of the difference of the numbers assigned to adjacent vertices.

    I think I have read somewhere that a bipartite graph has an odd graceful labeling. I am not sure what this means or if this is even correct.
    But i need a make some kind of conjecture about complete bipartite graphs and whether or not they are graceful.

    Also another question would be given a graceful, bipartite graph it is sometimes possible to modify the grapg so as to produce a graceful, nonbipartite graph with the same number of edges and one fewer vertices, when and how?

    Does anoyone have ideas about this questions?
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