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Graph Theory

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    Is graph theory a more pure or applied subject?

    I thought it was pure but now I am confusing myself because it has so many applications.

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    It is both a theoretical and applied subject. You will decide how you'll use it. You can construct proofs and/or you can experiment with numerous graphs, their properties and their application. but a theoretical background is a must
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    I'd say pure. When I took graph theory, it was all about proving stuff about graphs (which is far from easy!).
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    I have dabbled in it both for fascination of 'pure' aspects and for some applications.

    Would it be useful to classify it not by, or not only by, the pure/applied axis but along the concrete/abstract axis. It no doubt has abstract aspects, but it is often about perfectly 'concretely' visualisable things, whether they are useful or not and they always might be - a bit like 2 and 3D Euclidean geometry. Is that not one nice thing about it - for some of us?

    Is not another nice aspect that it is relatively independent of other branches of mathematics, so a beginner can go quite far without a vast mathematical background?
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