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Homework Help: Graph transformations

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    Just a quick question, how do I shift this function 5 units to the right?
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    Suppose you have a function [itex]y(x)[/itex].
    What are then the following functions?
    • [itex]y(x) + a[/itex]
    • [itex]y(x) - a[/itex]
    • [itex]y(x + a)[/itex]
    • [itex]y(x - a)[/itex]

    If you don't see it, try filling in something simple like a linear graph (e.g. [itex]y(x) = x[/itex]) and plotting the functions (two points will do for these), then try to find the argument and check that it applies to any function.
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    In other words, Ri122, what is meant by "shift this function 5 units to the right"?
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    Okay ill elaborate.
    Say the stationary point of a parabola is at (5,10). If i moved the graph 5 units to the right it would become (10,10).
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    Okay so the parabola looks exactly the same execpt the x values are shifted by 5. If the original parabola was y= x2- 15, (so that y(5)= 52-15= 10) and changing x gives something of the form y= ( )2- 15, what would you put in the parentheses (i.e. changing x) so that y(10)= 15? Hint: if y= (x-5)2- 15, then y(10)= 52- 15= 10.

    Now apply that idea, along with CompuChip's initial respons to your problem.
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