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Graphene nanoribbon

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    i am vinoth. i am doing research project related to how we can vary the band gap in graphene nanoribbon and use it to form transistor.
    now only i started for literature survey related to how we can vary the band gap in graphene nanoribbon.i need some guidance from our friends.i am waiting for your valuable reply.
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    The bandgap is varied by the "chirality" of the edge and the width. There are several techniques available to reshape the edges, look at current conference proceedings Nanotube 2010 in Montreal had quite a bit on reshaping graphene.

    http://nt10.org/NT2010_FinalProgram_AbstractBook.pdf [Broken]

    Look through there and follow up on groups that are of interest to you.
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    Thanks for your valuable reply.that conference book useful to my project work. Actually i studied some journal they told band gap is inversely proportional to width of the graphene nanoribbon.but i am not getting idea about how to vary the width of the GNR.
    could you explain some techniques to reshape the edges of GNR or please provide some journal related to reshape the edges of GNR.i need the information about electronic stucture of graphene briefly.thanks for your help.
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    This is by no means an easy or standardized task. Shaping GNR is at the forefront of science. One way is to buy nanotubes at a defined chirality and unzip them. How you place them where you want after that I have no idea. The conference proceeding I posted above had at least one talk about doing it, to my knowledge not yet published.

    You should just invent your own method and publish it, at this point that would be some high impact work in the field.
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    I stand corrected, I have been researching the subject also since I am in a similar field.
    Energy Band-Gap Engineering of Graphene Nanoribbons
    M. Han et al. PRL 07

    Already cited 439 times!
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    Thanks for your information.I will study that paper energy bandgap engineering of GNR.Actually i plan to simulate GNR based transistor using advanced tool kit software.Thanks to spend some amount of time for me.i cant go upto fabrication level.i plan to do upto simulation level.
  8. Jul 24, 2011 #7
    Hi everyone,
    I need a book about graphene.Can you give me a link for download?I have to calculate it's band structures.
    thank you.:smile:
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