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I Graphene substrate

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    I have looked on the internet but not found a clear anwser.
    can graphene sutstane its 2-dimensional form witout anny help froms substrades?

    tanks for helping ^^
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    Yes, I believe so.
    There are plenty of experiments with e.g. MEMS resonators based on graphene, and then the graphene is only supported at the edges.

    Also, why the large font?
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    sorry for the large front i chaged it. and tanks for the fast response.

    I dont realy know what MEMS resonators is but doesnt the suporting means that it is still helping grapheen, so without MEMS resonators would it still be abele to sutstain its 2 dimensional form?

    btw sorry if my english is bad
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    Yes, my understanding is that graphene should -in principle- be able to stay flat and should not buckle.

    Before the discovery of graphene there were that theories that stated that a true 2D material would be impossible, it would be unstable and would buckle. However, after the discovery it was found that these theories were wrong or perhaps not applicable to graphene (can't remember which).
    I attended a talk where this was discussed a few years ago, but unfortunately I can't remember the details :frown:
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