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Graphically rep. 1+1D Weyl fermions, does this work?

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    Does the following construction allow one to represent both the spinor and spacetime parts of the wavefunctions of the four massless Weyl fermions of a given magnitude of momentum p?

    In 3 dimensional space let there be some x,y,z coordinate system. Let the x and y axis represent the complex plane. Let there be a helix centered on the z axis, consider both left and right handed helices. Let the pitch of the helix be proportional to the inverse of fermion momentum. The energy of the fermion is represented by the rate at which the helices rotate around the z axis, positive energy rotates opposite to negative energies.

    I know this is all very rough but being able to graph important functions is a good thing.

    If this is close can this idea be taken further and represent massive fermions in 1+1, in 3+1 in a suitable space?

    Thanks for any help!
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