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Graphics cards.

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    What is all the Jargon on the back of a graphics card box, or in teh "spec"

    What is 4 times anti aliasing is one question.

    This one is not too bad, but I've bolded all the parts I understand, the rest is gibberish? Anyone want to explain some details, so I know what the hell there banging on about. I am thinking of uprgrading my graphics card, and would like a translation?

    Any help appreciated :smile:

    Also what should I be keeping an eye out for, what are the beez knees new features, and what are just window dressing? Who does the best graphics cards for gaming?
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    http://www.pcworld.idg.com.au/pp.php?id=1854767920&pp=1 [Broken]

    Scroll down to "What the specs mean". It should answer most of your questions.
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    Thanks that was very useful :smile:
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    The Nvidia 8800 is the best gaming mainstream graphics card available at the moment but it's expensive. However the mid-range cards in the 88 series, the 8600GT and 8600GTS haven't had very good reviews. A better option in the same mid-price range would be the 7900GS which not only has a faster FR in it's standard mode than the 8600GTS but also has far superior overclocking capabilities. The only thing the 7900GS doesn't have which the 88 series does is support for Direct X 10 but seeing as how there are few if any games that use Direct X 10 or much sign of developers rushing to incorporate it into their software it's not much of an issue.
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