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Graphing a function

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    I'm trying to sketch a graph from a function of x on my computer. I suppose I can probably get this done in MS Excel, but I would then like to get this graph into AutoCAD since I don't know of any way to graph a function directly there. Is this possible at all...? I'm not sure how to get this done in Excel either, so if you can tell me that also that would be great! :)
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    I like MathCad. If you don't have a package like that, try this:


    I am not a heavy Excel user, but I would guess there are plenty of ways to graph in it. And, I would think one could get an add-on package if there is not a default graphing mechanism. I do know that you can create a table of data and plot it in Excel.
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    you can try a basic tool such as GNU Plot.
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