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Homework Help: Graphing calc. died i need help

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    Graphing calc. died :( i need help

    could some 1 but this in a calc and tell me the intersection when y is 24?


    thanks :shy:
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    according to my calculator (just started using it a few days ago), it's a parabola (sp?) and the vertex is about x = -1.7, y = -1. that's just with me using the trace function (i dunno how to get the vertex the normal way). hope this helps.

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    did you put (4+3x)(6+3x) into y1, and 24 into y2, after that make window bigger than 2end trace 5, then you get it.
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    Well, you obviously are sitting at a computer if you can post on PF that your graphing calculator died. Quiz question -- what application on your PC can be used for graphing? Hint -- it rhymes with Extra Large.
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    hm..sounds like Extra Large.....Maple 8!
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    Why would you need a calculator of any kind to do that? Multiply it out: 9x2+ 30x+ 24= 24 so 9x2+ 30x= 0. That's easy to factor and solve.
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