Graphing calculator Absolute values? HOW?

  1. Does anyone know how to put absolute values in the t1-83 graphing calculator? I need to graph absolute value of x, the absolute value of x +2, and the absolute value of x-3
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  3. Easy as pi. HEHEHE.....Sorry.
    Go to your y= screen.
    Pust the yellow [2nd], then push catalogue (above the zero, I think).

    I think the first thing your screen will show is: abs(
    pust enter. There, now in Y1= should be abs(. Punch in your values, make sure your window is good, and wahlah.

    Paden Roder
  4. WOwiE YAY THAT IS EASY THANKS SO MUCH soooo my graph of abs(x)=a V looking graph :tongue2:
  5. yep... do you know why?

    HINT: what does AbsVal do to a number?
  6. Look at what the numbers would have been without the absolute value put in.
  7. Surely they would know what "absolute" means, why would they ask where to find it on their calculator if they didn't?
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