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Homework Help: Graphing Calculator Project

  1. Aug 9, 2006 #1
    Hey Guys,

    In PreCalculus, today, I received a fairly difficult project -- probably not as hard as you would think, but I do need help. We are asked to create one picture on our Graphing Calculators. I have done about 11 so far, but none are as I like them.

    This is what I put into the Y Values:

    Y1= Ö(81-X )
    Y2= -Ö(81-X2)
    Y3= Ö(4-(X+3)2)+3.7
    Y4= Ö(4-(X-3)2)+3.7
    Y5= -Ö(1-X2)
    Y6= -Ö(16-X2)-2
    Y7= -Ö(1-(X+3)2)+3
    Y8= -Ö(1-(X-3)2)+3
    Y9= -.7abs X+12

    *Note: The Ö symbol stands for the square root symbol. The big 2s at the ends of the Xs stands for "squared". I couldn't find a way to make them smaller.

    Here are my window values:

    Xmin= -12
    Xmax= 12
    Xscl= 1
    Ymin= -10
    Ymax= 15
    Yscl= 1

    This should produce a smiley face. Can you show me some of your graphics and formulas you have used? I would greatly appreciate it!

    Thanks so much; I really really need this! This is an urgent question.


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    I can't tell what you're asking us to help you with. Are you having trouble putting those equations into your calculator? Are you trying to come up with your own equations to make a smiley face?

    - Warren
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    No sir.

    I know how to compute those formulas in my calculator. I know it is a smiley face, because I put it in to see that it was!

    Anyway, I was giving you an example of what I was talking about. I wanted you all to give me some formulas for another picture. All the other pictures, I have come up with are not to caliber.


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    Well, if the objective is to create a picture, why don't you write a program to create the desired picture? My sugestion: a fractal (eg. Koch's snow flake or one created by you).

    To find information about fractals, TI-83 algorithms and other stuff...use google.
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    So... I take it your teacher gave you the "smilie face" equations, then asked you to find another set of equations to draw another kind of picture.

    Next, you came here to see if someone would do your project for you by simply providing you such a set of equations.

    That's not how things work here -- we do not simply give you answers, and we're not going to do your project for you. Perhaps you should tell us what you're trying to do -- what kind of picture you're trying to draw, and what you're stuck on -- and we can give you some help.

    - Warren
  7. Aug 9, 2006 #6
    Well I created a butterfly many times...
    I used in the normal window, (-10 to 10 or view standard)

    Edited: I'm not gonig to give you my equations but they're simple...2 quads, 2 cubes, 4 logs.

    And it works...pretty good. Especially if you graph them in simultaneous...that should impress him.

    ALso...using 2 sin and 2 cos equations you can make a mini chain...
    pretty simple but maybe it helps.
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