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Graphing Calculator Project

  1. Aug 11, 2006 #1
    Hey Guys,

    In PreCalculus, today, I received a fairly difficult project -- probably not as hard as you would think, but I do need help. We are asked to create one picture on our Graphing Calculators. I have done about 11 so far, but none are as I like them.

    This is what I put into the Y Values:

    Y1= Ö(81-X )
    Y2= -Ö(81-X2)
    Y3= Ö(4-(X+3)2)+3.7
    Y4= Ö(4-(X-3)2)+3.7
    Y5= -Ö(1-X2)
    Y6= -Ö(16-X2)-2
    Y7= -Ö(1-(X+3)2)+3
    Y8= -Ö(1-(X-3)2)+3
    Y9= -.7abs X+12

    *Note: The Ö symbol stands for the square root symbol. The big 2s at the ends of the Xs stands for "squared". I couldn't find a way to make them smaller.

    Here are my window values:

    Xmin= -12
    Xmax= 12
    Xscl= 1
    Ymin= -10
    Ymax= 15
    Yscl= 1

    This should produce a smiley face. Can you show me some of your graphics and formulas you have used? I would greatly appreciate it!

    Thanks so much; I really really need this! This is an urgent question.


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