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Homework Help: Graphing calculator project

  1. Mar 21, 2012 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    Uhmm i just started this project where i have to make a picture using functions on a graphing calcutator im doing a kitty kat so far im stuck on two things once is making a sideways elipse inside the eye so the cat looks more realistic another is getting rid of the lines going through the face of my cat some suggestions to fix these would be nice

    2. Relevant equations
    here are the equations i have so far
    fyi there are alot
    : Clr Draw
    : DrawF -sqrrt(18-(x-5)sqd)+6
    :DrawF sqrt(18-(x-5)sqd)+4
    :DrawF √1.2-(x-3)sqd)+6
    :Line (4,3,5,4)
    :Line (6,3,5,4)
    :Line (5,5,5,4)
    :DrawF -√1.2-(x-7)sqd)+6.5
    :DrawF √1.2-(x-7)sqd)+6
    :DrawF -abs(5(x-2))+10
    :DrawF -3(x-2)sqd)+3.4
    :DrawF(-abs(4(x-2))+9.5)/(x≥1.323)/(x≤2.426)* trouble with this one
    :DrawF(-abs(5(x-8))+10* work in progress
    :Line (7,4,8,5)
    :Line (3,4,2,5)
    :Line (2,3,3,4)
    :Line (8,4,7,4)
    :Line (3,4,2,3)
    :Line (7,4,8,3)
    :DrawF -3(x-8)sqd+3.4

    3. The attempt at a solution
    confused with the abs function i did it the way they showed us in the book and it still doesnt work also making a sideways elipse i was told to switch the values that make them move left,right up,down but that would mean i would have to move the thing under the root right?:confused:
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  3. Mar 22, 2012 #2
    what i mean is if i move the root for example the first one -sqrrt(18-(x-5)sqd)+6 if i move root 18 and switch it with -5 wouldnt i have to move the whole root so how could i do that without changing the elipse too drastically
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