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Homework Help: Graphing with respect to y

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    I'm having difficulty graphing with respect to y (unless I graph it point by point).

    For example, I find it hard to graph: [tex] f(y)= \frac{y}{\sqrt{16-y^2}}[/tex]

    Does anyone know of an easy method to graph such a function or know how to do it on a Ti 84+ SE? Also, it would be great if someone could link me to a website that shows you a method. Thanks!
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    Whenever you graph something, you need to first identify the independant and dependant variables. In this case, y is the independant variable and f(y) is the dependant variable so it is really no different than graphing an equation with x and f(x).

    Most graphing calculators will only let you call the independant variable "x" and the dependant variable "y" so this is a time when you just have to be smarter than the calculator.
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    Graph [tex]y= f(x)= \frac{x}{\sqrt{16-x^2}}[/tex]
    and then turn your calculator on its side!
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