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Graphs in AutoCAD?

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    I'm wondering if someone knows how to plot graphs (functions of x) in AutoCAD? And also, is it possible to write exponentials in any way?
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    AutoCAD doesn't have any kind of plotting ability that I know of. It would have to take an AutoLISP function of some kind. Perhaps someone has an add on for it?
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    Thanks, that link worked great. But now I'm stuck with plotting in Excel, which works quite good, just one question; how can I make the distance between two units on both axis the same? 'Cause when I print it I don't want the physical distance between two units to be different on both axis. If there is 2cm from origo to 1 on the x-axis, then it should be so also on the y-axis. But how is this done...?
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    On the axis you want to modify, right click on it and select "Format Axis." There should be a tab for SCALE. Uncheck the auto select check box next to the major and minor tick marks and select the appropriate intervals. Also, you can play with the graph dimensions just by highlighting the frame around it (the actual plot area frame, not the whole graph window) and drop and drag it until they are equal (If I am undestanding your question properly).
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    Thanks, but this doesn't solve the problem. You say I can play around with the dimensions of the graph until they are equal. This is true, but that would still be an approximate solution, which won't do I'm afraid. But thanks anyway! :smile:
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