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hi i am new to FEMlab and have to plot sielding effectiveness of magnetic materials using the software.

but currently i have the following problems
1. plot current in quasi state in EM model
2. plot graphs
3. save my models in FEMLAB in .fl format
4. open saved models in .fl format

do i need a mathlab to use my FEMlab?



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Hi Sanshyme, welcome to PF !

Great that you're getting to use one of the best fea software around.

1. Go to the post-processing mode, open the post-processing options box, and choose the variable you want to plot and what type of a plot you want.
2. If you're looking to plot model related properties, results or so that can all be done as above, under post-processing you've domain and cross section plots to make 'graph' plots.
3. Hmmm, the *.fl ougth to be the default model save format ... so just saving a model file via file - save as ougth to go about in this format ?
4. Likewise, open under file - open or then set the model root path in the opening window under user models.

No, you don't need matlab, but linking femlab to matlab can help in advanced model customization, data transfer etc. between these 2 softwares.
hi hi all.. i got more questions on femlab. first thanks to PerenniaII!!
i am currently generating a cylindrical current carrying conductor

Center at the origin; Radius: 0.01m; Initial Az = 100

i exported the fem structure to the matlab and uses the following codes



B =postinterp(fem,'normB_qa',p)

now, suppose i would like to get the value of B at x=0.75 and y=0, what should i write? thanks!

by the way is the axes of femlab in metres?! thanks!


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... Femlab is as most codes dimensionless, it has libraries based on a certain set of units but essentially you define the system of units when inputting geometry, material properties etc.

With respect to getting results at arbitrary points I'd say in most cases you can use 'postinterp' for that as well, it accepts points as input.
hi ...
so am i right to say that if i want to get the Bfield at point x=0.75 and y=0,
i'll write



B =postinterp(fem,'normB_qa',p) ??


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Looks good, if you got the application mode vars right, if you get errors we can try to debug what's going wrong.

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