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Graqvity and weak force

  1. Aug 15, 2007 #1
    gravity and weak force

    is it possible to compare the strength of weak force to gravity and if so how is weak force stronger than gravity?
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    Difficult to compare because the weak force only applies over very short ranges (because the W+Z carriers are so massive ) so you would have to say at what range you are comparing them.
    ps It's not actually that weak, it holds charged +ve protons next to each other, it's named more to compare with the strong force.
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    One thing that seems a bit confusing at times is that gravity, while being the weakest of all known forces, is what binds the universe together. That's because it's also the only force that doesn't have an opposing force.
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    do strong and weak force oppose each other?
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    I think they all pivot around the weak force besides gravity, depending on the particle.
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