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Grasp transformation matrix

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    Hello everyone, i am now working on a problem with three fingers robot hand to grab a cube to undergo some motion
    however i face some difficulties on deriving the grasp transformation matrix which help to switching the local coordinate frame
    at first i was given three point vectors [0 1 0]^T, [1 0.5 0]^T, [0 -1 0]^T (T means transpose)
    then to calculate a Grasp transformation matrix
    i would like to know the step to achieve the result and any general method for deriving the matrix?
    thanks very much for your help !
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    Read some of these introductions:




    I guess you are familiar with matrices to represent linear transformations like rotations.
    The only special thing in these "robotic transformation matrices" is the use of a fourth "homogeneous" coordinate.
    This allows to represent the group of rotations and translations at the same time, with matrices.
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    i have read through the materials ,however, the angle of rotation and any other information concerning the transformation has not been given, that's why i have been stucked for so long
    the result is as the pic attached
    any help?

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    Could you please answer these so that I can understand your question better?
    Are these vectors the points on the cube that you need to grasp?
    Do you have any information about the base frame and the position/ orientation of the hand?
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    yes they are the point that i need to grasp, however no other information are povided
    that's why i have been stucked so long
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