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Gratis older (unused) Open University Couses

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    These are about 10 years old and have never been used, although they have been packed and moved three times. I purchased them prior to retiring, expecting to use them during retirement. However, unexpected serious illness and side effects of necessary medications have rendered me incapable of attempting them. My hope is that they might be put to good use by a needy facility unable to afford them. They are gratis and I will pay shipping charges within the USA. Foreign shipping must be the responsibility of the recipient.

    1. MS 204 Mathematical Models and Methods

    2. MS 205 Fundamentals of Computing

    3. MS 283 An Introduction to Calculus

    4. T 283 Technology: A second level course.

    5. T326 Electronic Signal Processing

    6. M332 Units 1,2,3 of Complex Ananlsis

    7. SMT 352 and 356 Electronic Signal Processing

    8. M355 An Introduction to Software Engineering
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