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Gravimetric Analysis- Questions

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    Gravimetric Analysis-- Questions

    I am in first-year Chemistry in university and I can't seem to find the answers for two questions from my course work. I have tried many times, and I keep reading the textbook but I still can't get it.

    Please help if you know the correct answers. Thank you.

    Here are the questions:

    1.) A compound of Iron and Chlorine is soluble in water. An excess of Silver Nitrate was added to precipitate the chloride ion as silver chloride. If a 134.8 mg sample of the compound gave 304.8 mg of AgCl, what is the formula of the compound?

    2.) Determine the oxidation number of HgCr2O7.

    Thank you.
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    I would appreciate if anyone could give me suggestions on these questions.
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    1) First figure out the mass of the chloride ions. The compound is FeClx.

    304.8 mg AgCl --> 0.002 moles AgCl --> 0.002 moles Cl- --> 75 mg Cl-

    134.8 mg FeClx - 75 mg Cl- = 59.4 mg Fe+x

    0.002 moles Cl-
    59.4 mg Fe+x --> 0.001 moles Fe+x

    Therefore there is twice as much Cl- as Fe+x, so it must be Fe+2.


    This does not make sense. The problem is asking you for the oxidation of a certain atom or for the oxidations numbers of each atom.

    Since this is a compound you know that the overall charge is 0. The dichromate atom as an overall charge of -2. Oxygen is -2 in this case.
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    Re: Gravimetric Analysis-- Questions

    2) HgCr2O7

    you will have to remember that Oxygen has an oxidation state of -2 no matter wat
    so, O7= -2*7 = -14

    as for Hg it will have an oxidation state of +2, because it is in the same group as zn.

    therefore -14+2= -12

    in closing Cr has an oxidation state of -12. but Cr2 will have to be -12/2 = -6. so since chromiun is beside oxygen its oxidation state changes to +6
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