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Gravitation book

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    i wonder, the book by kip thorne and john wheeler called gravitation, is it a technical textbook on gr? and on a scale of 1-5 (1-easy 5 extremely hard) how would you rate this book?
    are there any other challenging textbooks on GR?
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    neutrino, i too hope that someday i would have a spare time to read this monumental textbook. (that with the principia mathematica by russel and whitehead are hardcore texts in their respective fields).
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    Gravitation is the one that I studied, and I highly recommend. I have read Wald's book, and I don't think that it is as pedogagical as is Gravitation (though I have a slight bias).

    Or you could look into PAM Dirac's "General Relativity", it's probably the hardest book I've read on General Relativity.
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    Wald's book is a tough nut, very terse and not very friendly, but it still has much material not found in other books.

    I recently got Carroll's graduate text, and it's much more friendly than Wald. But I paid $70 for a used copy. :eek:

    Can anyone claim to have read all of MTW? What a monster. Still a cool book to dip into now and then.
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    George Jones

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    I find amusing what Wald said about the exercises in his book: ' ... and none (exercises) which are, in my opinion, inordinately difficult (i.e., I think I can solve them).'

    This, from one of the world's leading experts on relativity!

    Chapter 9 is worth the price of admission.

    Not me.

    It's sitting open on my desk as I type.
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