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Gravitation from the Ground Up - B.F. Schutz

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    Has anyone read Gravitation from the Ground Up, B.F. Schutz? What did you think of it?

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    Gravity from the Ground Up

    Assume you mean:
    Gravity from the Ground Up (ISBN:0521455065)

    Based on discription I asked for the locals to order it in for a review.

    Did you read - did you like.

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    I have it but haven't read it cover to cover as of yet. I've jumped back and forth and I love it. Schutz made some excellent observations that I've rarely seen in texts and I appreciated it.

    But since I've only jumped around in it I was hoping I'd get more feedback from someone who read it more.


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    I had a glance at Schutz' new book in Dublin and at the website given by turbo-1. As with his first book this one looks very interesting. My problem with it is how to fit a one or two semester course around it and how this would fit into an physics major program at a small institution. Like Wheeler & Taylor's black hole physics, one could start this at the second year level. Unfortunately physics students have a bottle neck of second year courses in both Math and physics, that most don't get through until half way through third year. The website excerpts look more like poetry for physicists, but at quite a deep level. Presumably the math is there to use the second half as a one semester fourth year intro to general relativity after a good drubbing in special realativity. Any student seriously interested in Relativity ought to have a look or read of this, but there is is agrowing number of these must read books. I asked CUP for a desk copy of Stephani's 3rd ed. as I felt I could use it for a semester of special and a semester of general, but didn't have the guts to ask for Schutz'. I'm still waiting for the Stephani and a desk copy of Rindler's new Special and general book from Oxford press. We are very lucky to have a plethora of good new up to date books.
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    Is this a GR text? How is it?

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    I'll find out if I ever get a copy. This is NOT the 2nd ed Soln. to Einstein's Equations which Stephani co authored and will be cited as Stephani et al. The 2nd ed. of his general relativity is a good text, but with different conventions than MTW.
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