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Gravitation n Projectile Motion

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    1)Is there any way to derive an expression for the mass of a satellite in an orbit??

    2)A projectile is fired with a velocity of 10 m/s at an angle of 30 to the horizontal. When it reaches the maximum height,an object dropping 40 m above the projectile, collides with the projectile.Find the range

    3)Two bodies of mass m1 and m2 are projected one after another at the same angle and the same velocity.Which will be projected further, considering the fact that m1 is heavier than m2.
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    What do you think -- and why?
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    One and three should be trivial

    doesn't make sense. Do you mean that this object started dropping at the same time the projectile was fired? Do you mean what the range would if there were no collision?
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    When the projectile reached max height it collided with another object that was falling vertically from 40 m above.
    Calculate the range after collision of the two bodies.

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