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I Gravitation waves and post-newtonian approximation

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    I would like to ask, if somebody knows anything about comparison post-newtonian approximation of gravitational waves and these which were detected. Or generally post-newtonian predictions vs. facts found in detection. I tried find some article but I didn't find. Please let me know what you know or refer me, please.

    Thank you everyone.
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    Post-newtonian means ? As far as I know it means General Relativity, which is the theory behind gravitational waves.
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    I think there's some discussion of the PPN approximation for gravitational waves in Misner, Thorne, Wheeler, "Gravitation". I think I recall some fine points about PPN and insprials, something about PPN being good enough if the orbit didn't decay, but not quite good enough when it did. I don't have time to look it up at the moment though.
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