Gravitational constant

  1. Hey, I have got some guestions, when I philosophized with me friends...

    We have classic gravitational constant, say G... And now, constant is 2G, 5G or 100G... (increases).
    Others constants and physics legislation is normal.


    How is live on Earth?
    And other planets and universe object?

    Have you got any idea?

    Thanks and sorry for bad Englist.
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  3. NascentOxygen

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    If gravity increased I think many animals would slowly adapt by developing stronger leg muscles, and bigger hearts and lungs. Though we'd probably suffer more back problems, and do more damage whenever we tripped in the street.

    Ocean waves might not be as high, and it would become rare to hit a 6 in cricket.
  4. When G increases there'll be various innumberable changes made to the whole universe.:tongue:
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