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Gravitational energy

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    When I multiplied angular accelaration with surface area of sphere .I got an equation for energy.

    What do this equation mean by?
    Is this equation describe gravitational energy?
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    Can you post the equations you used and the problem they were used in?
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    But dimensionally this equation is correct.
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    Angular accelaration*surface area of a sphere = Energy
    Angular velocity/time*4(pi)r2=Energy

    Dimensional formula:-
    M0 L0 T-2 * M L2 T0 = M L2 T-2

    M L2 T-2 = Energy

    I take this energy equation in terms of planetry motion .
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    The fact that something has dimensions of energy doesn't make it an energy. Torque, for example.
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    First, if its truly surface area, you get M0 not M. The whole equation is massless.
    The way you have written it, it is the mass of a thin spherical shell times the angular acceleration.

    Second, Work also has the dimensions of Energy. I think your equation gives you the amount of work expended to accelerate (spin up or spin down) the thin spherical shell by that much.
    Jim Graber
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