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Homework Help: Gravitational Force

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    See Attached Word Document :smile:

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    This is pretty trivial algebra. If you are having trouble with this you need to find some help with your math.

    [tex] F_g = \frac {G M_1 M_2} {r^2} [/tex]

    I will do r^2 for you, you should be able to puzzle out the rest.
    Multiply both sides by [itex] r^2 [/itex]
    [tex] F_g r^2 = \frac {G M_1 M_2 r^2} {r^2} [/tex]

    Cancel the [itex] r^2 [/itex] in the Right hand side.

    [tex] F_g r^2 = G M_1 M_2 [/tex]

    Now divide both sides by [itex] F_g [/itex]

    [tex] \frac {F_g r^2 } {F_g} = \frac {G M_1 M_2} {F_g} [/tex]

    Now cancel the [itex] F_g [/itex] in the Left hand side to get

    [tex] r^2 = \frac {G M_1 M_2} {F_g} [/tex]

    Similar operations will isolate the other quantities you need.
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    Thanks alot, I just couldn't seem to rearrange this :rofl:
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