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Gravitational Generator

  1. Feb 20, 2014 #1
    Ok this one is purely theoretical and I'm going to just make some assumptions.
    1. No Debris will block the way.
    2. Its A vacuum
    3.The structure won't collapse.

    Ok, first we drill a hole through one side the earth and out the other. We then wrap the new whole in a superconducting coil of wire. At both ends of the wire attach a battery to collect the energy. Then drop the magnet.
    http://puu.sh/741Pp.png [Broken]

    Would the magnet be slowed?
    I came up with this today and only researched a little on how magnetic generators generally work.
    Squares are magnets. The brown lines are the wires previously mentioned.
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    Yes, the magnet will be slowed. There are videos of people dropping magnets down copper tubes on youtube that should show this.
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    Thanks for the reply I had this idea milling around in my mind all day. :D
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    This is only a one shot device, remember. The magnet will oscillate along the polar axis but the displacement will gradually die down as energy is used up. It is a very expensive way to harvest the PE of a falling object. Remember, you had to dig out all that material to make the hole in the first place. That would involve much more energy than you will get out.
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