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Homework Help: Gravitational machines

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    Does anyone have any good ideas and designs of a gravitational machine. I have one, but I still need to study some other things before I start experimenting on the subject.
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    What do you mean by a gravitational machine?
    I have one as well, it sits on my desk and by cleverly interacting with the warped spacetime around earth stops papers blowing away!
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    [ ten chars ]

    I have one too; I use it every day. It's not nearly as compact as yours - this one's big enough to stand in! When activated, it creates an effect that is indistinguishable from gravity. Without looking out a window, there's no experiment you can do that will tell you whether you're under the influence of gravity, or under the influence of the machine.

    Also, whenever I step out of it, it has magically transported me from the street to my office.
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    :uhh: utter lies. i have a graviton coupling constant meter so i can easily tell whether it's your machine or gravity.
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    Did you get the relativistic version, with go-faster 'superluminal motion' stripes? :rofl:
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    :grumpy:I mean a machine that increases or decreases gravitational pull
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    sorry no such thing exists
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    I came up with a design but i will not experiment untill futher reserch....
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    what is your design
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    The problem is that once you have done the "further research" you will have nothing left to experiment on!
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    hey now being close minded never got anyone anywhere, he should talk about what he's done :wink:
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    sorry but i can't share the designs right now because if I did and if this machine of mine works than someone could take credit for it....... anyways i just needed some ideas for my machine.... I have not build it yet for the reason that I can learn more of what i am getting into and am i going in the right direction....... sorry if I am using the term research the wrong way....
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    you realize this is impossible, to do this
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    alright, how do I close this discussion down
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    do you know how gravity works? I suggest you do some research with that first before you continue. You may think you know but uh, i dont think you do.:rolleyes:
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    closed down
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