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Homework Help: Gravitational potential energy of the moon

  1. Apr 23, 2005 #1
    How much work is done by the moon's gravitational field as a 1000kg meteor comes from outer space and impacts the moon's surface?

    all I have to do is:
    where [tex]_{m_1}[/tex] is the mass of the moon, [tex]_{m_2}[/tex] is the mass of the meteor, and [tex]_{r}[/tex] is the radius of the moon. is that correct?
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    Well you want to integrate the gravitational force from infinity to the earths surface, because what 'r' ar eyou going to be using there?
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    well, after the integration, you will get his equation:
    whereas the r is the redius of the moon as UrbanXrisis suggest...
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    Oh, I didnt see he specified r.
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