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Homework Help: Gravitational pull of the sun

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    The earth is subject not only to the gravitational force of the moon but also to the gravitational pull of the sun. However, the
    earth is much farther away from the sun than it is from the moon. In fact, the center of the earth is at an average distance of 1.5 x 10^11 m
    from the center of the sun. Given that the mass of the sun is 1.99 x 10^30 kg,

    Find the acceleration of the earth due to the sun's gravitational pull

    Can someone help me with this problem

    acceleration a = F/m
    F = Gmm/r^2

    Thank you
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    Plug&chug your numbers into your formula! :smile:
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    is this right?
    F= ((6.67x10^-11)(1.99 x 10 ^30)(5.97 x 10^24kg))/(1.5 x
    10^11 m)^2
    = 3.52 x 10 ^28

    a = F/m = 3.52 x 10^28 N / 1.99 x 10^30 kg = .0177 m/s^2

    can someone please check my method

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