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Gravitational red shift

  1. Nov 26, 2011 #1
    Lets say we are receiving radio wave signals from two points - [A] and .
    Point [A] is close to as.
    Point is somewhere in strong gravitation where clock_2 ticks 2 times slower then clock_1.

    [A]( clock_1 & emitter_1 ) --.. (we) --------........------......-----.....----.... ( clock_2 & emitter_2 )

    Both emitters are controlled by their clocks.
    So emitter_2 will emit 2 times lower frequency.
    And later while the wave travels because of gravitational red shift the frequency will become
    additionally 2 times lower.
    So the total frequency coming from the emitter_2 will become 4 times lower.

    Am I right? If not then why?
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