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Gravitatonal lensing

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    Actually i want know about the lensing of light from accretion disc around a black hole(kerr and schwarschild). Is the lensing is strong for radie near minimum inner radius of accretion disc.
    I want know how the accretion disc will look like for a distant observer.

    Can somebody give me some papers or articles for the question especilly for the final part.
    I am doing a project on it. actually i need more mathematical stuff
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    I suggest that you google it.
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    I'd avoid Google, since you are after the details, unless maybe you use Google scholar. The best approach would be to use http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abstract_service.html" [Broken] astrophysics journal article search engine. Almost all the hits you get will have a link to the free ArXiv version of the papers, so you don't have to have journal subscriptions to view them.

    I put in 'kerr lensing disk' and got a bunch of papers that looked they might be relevant for you.

    Hope that helps!
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    @ Wallace
    thank you, thank you very much.
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