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Gravitomagnetic force

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    "gravitomagnetic" force

    This whole "gravitomagnetic" force that I've read about, does it hold water? Is this a way to combine electro-magnetism with matter-energy? The equations are so similar that I wondered this myself... what if charge and mass are closely linked, maybe in a higher dimension? electric fields resemble gravtiational fields (that is if anti-matter is used as the negative charge candidate). The presence of magnetic fields around moving charges suggests that maybe matter has a similar property when it is in motion. Perhaps (since parallel moving charges attract each other), gravity as we know it is just the force felt due to the equavilent magnetic type field (of parallel moving masses) and strength is due to speed and ammount of mass. I realize the gravitomagnetic force is defined as a field caused by the spin of matter rather than the speed of matter, but doesn't this suposed force help explain why black holes with a spinning accretion disk don't suck in matter-energy on the axis of it's poles? also, doesn't it help explain the acceleration of cosmic expansion? that is, if this force exists, then might it be enough to add an overall higher velocity to all matter in the universe over time?

    follow up quesions: How do you define zero velocity with reletivity theory?
    why don't all charges have magnetic fields if all matter is moving away from the center of mass of the universe (where the big bang took place)? Can the ratio of Epsilon_0 and Mu_0 change? Can the speed of light change according to the difference in energy-density of the space through which the light traverses and the energy-density of the space where the light is observed? yes I know, more incoherent thoughts...
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    Well, actually it is when all the forces unite, gravity, weak, strong, and EM, into one. Like EM and the weak have already been proven, at a high enough temperature, to unite into a single "electroweak" force.
    Well, the EM is 1039 (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) times stronger than the gravitational force. That's a whole lot.

    Well, there are several big bang theories, and not all of them say everything came from a point in the universe, and no one knows if the universe is expanding or compressing, though it looks as if it is currently expanding. The big bang, is also only one of many widely accepted theories.
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    The possibllity of gravito-magnetic and gravito-electric forces are the basis behind some work being done today on possible anti-gravity phenomena.



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    What a collection of hoohah.
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    Interestingly, the Lense-Thirring effect is the precession
    of the orbital plane of an object moving in the gravitomagnetic
    field of a spinning central object. I have read it in this paper
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    Although reletivity defines gravity as a curve, it is possible that it is a 'pressure' difference causing a force caused by the diffusion of space. That is my idea. Proof would be in finding out if light does change speeds traveling through different 'energy-densities' (or gravity strength values). This would mean measuring the speed of photons at three different points in space, then measuring the differences of the time displacement at those points. You would then have to account for the speed of the light within those points relative to the control.
    This would be the only way you could be able to find the answer to your question. Unless someone has another idea.
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    All i see is using an electric corona to create an ionic air flow that pushes down. Is there any proof of this idea working in a vacum?
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    Yes indeed, otherwise known as frame dragging. It was just detected by pinging satellites with lasers over a period of about a decade. And they find the earth's rotation produces a precession on the satellites of a few inches a year. You are not going to be able to go to the stars on that, but it is important because it does funny things to the physics near a black hole.
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    i think what would help you alot is a better understanding of Plasma and Cosmic Plasma.

    did you know that plasma is considered the First of Four states of matter with gas,liquid, solid following in that order.

    also because gas,liquid,solid are charge or electrically neutral there is NO energy coming from these states. however from plasma ALL wave lengths are present,therefore this is the place where all matter comes from,and as the plasma cools this is when particles appear.

    now is this fascinating, ABSOLUTELY. i mean this the study of the essence of matter, Cosmic Plasma(plasma's period really) also involves magnetics,electric currents and so much more BUT right up your ally. once you see for yourself you'll never look back. any Natural Philosophy,inquiry without plasma's involved is automatically incomplete and therefore invalid.

    a couple of sites are;www.theuniverse.ws[/url] and [url]www.plasmas.org[/URL]

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    Without the air all we are doing is creating another way to fly, but only in our atmosphere. Please give me a way to counteract gravity in a vacuum. Otherwise we do not have antigravity.
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