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Graviton and Photon Emission

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    Based on the following excerpt, I'd appreciate any general comments/observations and then follow with a specific question.

    Leonard Susskind says in THE BLACK HOLE WAR, 2008, PG 347 :

    #: my parenthetical comment

    I knew physics was crazy, but that just seems "over the horizon" crazy!!!

    Q: In laymans terms how does quantum theory reflect gravity effects from energy rather than mass? In other words, does it take into account the gravitational equivalency between mass and energy via gravitons.... or is there another process?
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    Hi Naty1,

    if you have access to Weinberg's book, you may start the reading of chapter 13 in the first volume. He writes there much better than I could repeat. I may also attempt to present the lines of reasoning if you do not have access to it.
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