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Homework Help: Graviton propagator

  1. Nov 23, 2007 #1
    On page 36 of QFT in a nutshell, Zee sets an exercise to find the propagator for a massive spin 2 particle by assuming that it is a linear combination of terms such as [itex]G_{\mu\nu}G_{\lambda\sigma}[/itex]. The only method I can think up for doing this is to write down all 36 products of [itex]G_{\mu\nu},G_{\lambda\sigma},G_{\mu\sigma},G_{\mu\lambda},G_{\nu\sigma},G_{\lambda}[/itex] and apply the symmetry operations to see which sum of terms is left invariant, likewise for the [itex]G_{\mu\nu}k_\lambda k_\sigma[/itex] terms.

    Are there any slicker combinatorial methods for figuring this out or am I hoping for too much?
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