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Gravitons and warping

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    i`m having trouble reconciling gravitons and the warping of space. Do the gravitons enter and leave the extra dimensions causing a fluctuation of the extra dimensions entering and leaving our visible dimensions?
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    George Jones

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    What extra dimensions?
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    i was talking about the ones they may prove with the LHC, possibly in the near future. The ones that the Kalusa Klein particles are evidence of.
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    Thats's because you have three theories in your statement: quantum mechanics, string theory and general relativity. Who knows which is "right"? Extra dimensions spring forth from string theory; curvature of spacetime from GR, and gravitons from quantum mechanics, although there is a string theory "particle", a closed string (loop)....

    I'll get back to you with a slick answer (maybe) as soon as all three are unified...but don't hold your breath in anticipation.
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    What's a Kaluza Klein particle?
    Never heard about that (those).
    Don't tell me there are even more "fundamental" particles!!!
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    i don`t know much about the KK particles. Theoretically they exist in the extra dimensions and if they are proven by the LHC, they indicate that there are actally extra dimensions as per string theory.
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