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Gravity a pseudo-force?

  1. Aug 8, 2006 #1
    I was reading a Feynman lecture and I believe he said something about pseudo-forces being proportional to the masses and that gravity could be one. Then I think he said that in GR gravity is like a pseudo-force. Is gravity considered as a pseudo-force if the geometry of spacetime is its cause?

    Are any of the new theories of quantum gravity working on a quantum geometry and not including actual "gravity particles" like gravitons?
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    john baez

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    Yes, that's a popular viewpoint on general relativity. Of course, gravity arises from how energy and momentum curve spacetime, and it's a very real thing, so one shouldn't infer from the term "pseudo-force" that gravity is somehow "fake". But, it's not a force in the sense of something which causes particles to accelerate - particles move along geodesics, "as straight as possible".

    Sure! The closely related ideas called "loop quantum gravity" and "spin foam models" are all the result of people trying to develop a theory of quantum geometry. Try these for starters:

    Institute for Gravitational Physics and Geometry, Semi-popular articles, press releases, talks...

    Carlo Rovelli, Loop Quantum Gravity

    John Baez, This Week's Finds in Mathematical Physics:
    week109, week110, week111, week112.
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