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Gravity and Electric Dipole Connections.

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    This article (eight pages): http://uk.arxiv.org/PS_cache/physics/pdf/0502/0502106.pdf

    is an interesting little suggestive piece on the connections between quantum gravity and residual electromagentic effects of electrical dipoles in electrically neutral atoms.

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    I think others have attempted to link gravity with electomagnetic
    effects and come up blank, i have just read a little about magnetic
    monopoles, apart from 2 or 3 possible results the search is still on
    never the less it seems that not all avenues have been exhausted.

    On the granular structure of space time AFAIK all efforts to detect
    some time lag in high energy rays has failed to date, this does not
    mean that ST is not granular in some way ,just that it has no effect
    on EMR, i have often wondered how this is possible, how can a photon
    traverse the U without loosing energy to ST, i can only suggest that
    ST is frictionless to EMR, but the possibility exists for the photon to
    effect ST.
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