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Gravity and Ghosts

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    Reported sightings of ghosts indicate that they move relatively normaly with respect to the observer.
    Since the earth is moving at a velocity of approx 200 miles per second through space does this mean that they are being dragged just like us by the gravitational field of the earth?
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    It is my understanding that ghosts are composed of a certain field all to themselves. It is more than likely that the field is exhibited in the physical plane as electromagnetic. It is also my understanding that ghosts are fearful of letting go of the physical plane... not warming up to being disapated into empty space... .

    I've heard that the fear that ghosts evoke in the living is actually the fear carried with the ghost coupling with those fears within the live person... doubling the negative electron activity... or negative ions... whatever... This illustrates that there may be a static, clinging propensity surrounding the idea of a ghost. Clinging only to that which is familiar. Resisting the urge to go anti-gravitational. Who knows?
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    or perhaps they don't exist and they only seem to "move relatively normaly with respect to the observer" because they're in the observer's imagination? :wink:
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    That would be easier to accept as an explaination until the sounds of slamming cupboards and the washing machine spinning begin to emanate from your basement. Your basement where there are no people at the time. Then one begins to understand that this phenomenon has a more intellegent or programmed source of motivation. It understands the physics behind the cupboard door and the complex variety of cursors required to spin the drum of a washing machine. Urrrrrrrrp.

    Brought to you by Warsteiner's premium beir.
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    Of course, to play on the beer connection, you may simply be drunk.
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    I've seen them with my own ears! Dats exshackly whash happenined.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    ghosts are just people made of virtual particles.
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    Waves or Particles?
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    Ghosts/Spirits/Souls ... it is all the subatmic energy structure of a human.

    We are not human beings, rather humans and beings, two seperate things.
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    Rather... the "ghosts" seem to be EMFs programmed by the alignments set up by brain waves generated in the human which happens to be being in relation to other things that be.

    The alignments are far more subtle than that of the astological alignment or the MRI alignent of protons etc...

    The alignments created by the human brain activity are alignments in other waves that hold like a memory. These waves are able to mimic life as they have been taught by a living being.

    Thus, we assign a personality and "life" of its own to the alignment of.... as you suggest.... quarks... or "sub" from that. Rather infinite is my gander.
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