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Gravity and Quantum mechanics

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    I've been trying to think about how gravity works in quantum theory. The following model provides me with an intuitive feel, although I don't know if I could use it to find converging solution to the Schrödinger equation that meet the axioms of relativity.

    1. Particles are waves in a four dimensional space, where a particle's position and probability of interacting are determined by the distribution of its energy density.

    2. The Universe has three spacial dimensions forming a sphere like pseudo-manifold in four space (it has a thickness in the fourth dimension and so isn't a real manifold).

    3. Every point in the pseudo-manifold has an energy density.

    4. The universe has an outward pressure (possibly caused by a spin)

    5. The elasticity and the thickness of the universe is determined by its energy density at that point in three space.

    6. the rate of time is determined by an elasticity constant based on the thickness in the r dimension and the inherent elasticity of energy (I've also thought that maybe energy is spiraling through the entire r dimension so that what we think of as a slower oscillation is just a longer spiral).

    Such a universe would have a structure of a balloon where the rubber is thicker in some parts of the balloon than it is in other parts. The parts with thicker rubber (higher energy density) would also have shrunken space dimensions that cause the balloon to have a dimpled texture (a smaller radius in the r dimension).

    The thicker part of the universe would have a slower rate of time that causes aslower rate of energy transfer through the thicker dimpled portions of the universe. When the waves associated with a particle passes through thicker/slower space, their energy collects in the thickened (high energy) are of space and makes it even thicker. Accordingly, a particles probability of interacting is going to shift towards the the thicker area of space even though it is not interacting with any other waveforms. It's almnost like a trafic jam.

    Anyway, I'm wonering what problems people see with thise picture of the Universe.
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