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Gravity and Satellites

  1. Jun 3, 2009 #1
    does the moon's gravitational field have any considerable affect on satellites orbiting earth??
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    distance between moon and earth (center to center) = 384,403km
    mass of moon = 7.3477 × 10e22 kg
    mass of earth = 5.9736 × 10e24 kg
    geostationary orbit = 35,888.71 km

    u can calculate the gravitational field strengths (by earth or moon) at the geostationary orbit and compares the values.
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    you know, you have to add earths radius to the geostationary orbit, i think. i got 66574088 newtons for the force between the moon and satellite-assuming that the satellite weighs 10,000 kilos. and i got 1.68e26 for the force between earth and the satellite. but i think my math may be slightly off. but if its right, the moons force is only a very slight percentage of the earth's. even so, id think that if the moon can influence the tides, then it can influence a satellite which is a lot closer to it...
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