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Gravity as Fictitious Force

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    I'm really confused on this concept. Why is gravity considered a fictitious force and is it true that this concept is only valid in quantum physics?

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    According to general theory of relativity, gravity is to be identified with the curvature of spacetime. It's not fictitious in either of classical & quantum physics.
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    Probably he was asking about the recently famous entropic force.
    This was proposed by Verlinde, you could easily download it from Arxiv.
    I don't understand it much, but there are plenty of papers after Verlinde's first paper.
    But, basically, it states that gravity is an emergent phenomena due to the gradient of information caused by quantum gravity.
    It seems to be easy to write a paper by entropic force idea but to be hard to understand it.
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    Concepts such as "quantum gravity" are generated by people who just don't understand General Relativity. Sure, they'll cite the Standard Model, but the reality is that they just can't contemplate a force as being something other than non-Newtonian. What otehr reason is there for the Graviton? Relativity escapes such people, thus they must rely on the Newtonian idea of an 'action/reaction' explination for gravity, so an action/reaction particle (graviton) is born.
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