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Gravity Bend

  1. May 31, 2015 #1
    Dear PF Forum,

    I realize that there are 4 basic forces in our universe.
    Two of them are gravity and electromagnetic force.
    Gravity curvature.jpg
    Electromagnetic travels at the speed of light.
    And it seems that Gravity travels/propagates at the speed of light also.

    Light is bent by gravity. What about gravity?
    Is gravity bent by gravity?
    In the picture above. Planet C will see star A1 as in position A2.
    What about the gravity? Does C orbit the barycentre of A2-B-C, or the barycenter of A1-B-C?

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    If you think about this, you will see that theres only one object and its real position is ##A_1## but as we know light path will change according to gravity of B planet. So we will see ##A_1## in ##A_2##.Thats doesnt mean gravity bent.Only light bent and we different place the object so the answer will be ##A_1## B C.Objects move according to space time curvature.If you think real ##A_1## is in ##A_2## that causes different curvature and movement.
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    I don't think gravity is deflected this way, but gravitational waves might be.
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    Given that the reason for light being bent is because they follow the geodesic of a distorted spacetime, I would think gravity waves would do the same. It would strike me as peculiar if they somehow traveled through spacetime in a special manner independent of the distortion.
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