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Gravity calculations

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    According to the attached picture, is it theoretically possible to measure the G-Force pulled in A and B (taking that A and B are at respectively the very top and the very bottom of the box)? If it is possible, what would be the formula ( I don't want the answer, because it is all hypothetical, i just want the formula)?
    - the head of the device spins at 20 RPM
    - the size of the box is 8'X4'X4'
    - the diameter of the head of the device is 2'
    - The diameter of the outer ring of the device is 10'
    - the pipes holding the boxe are 15'
    - the device is 15' high from base to top
    - the box weighs 300Kg

    Outside Factors:
    - there is no wind

    Thanks for your help

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