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Gravity Equasion Question

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    I Have Been Toying With The Idea That Gravity Itself Is Not A Constant Force And Is In Fact A Result Of Other Forces At Work. I Have Passed My Work Onto My Professor And He Is Very Interested And Thinks I May Be Onto Something Big. He Has Passed My Equation On To Several Other Physicians.

    I Cant Reveal My Work, However I Would Like A Manner Of Opinions On This Subject.

    Heres The Rundown.

    I Dont Like The Superstring Theories Idea Of Gravitons As The Main Reason For Gravitational Forces, As Gravity Is Refered To As A Constant Of Sorts, And If That Was So, The Equal/Inequal Equation Would Result In A Stalemate, As The Inequal Is Equal. If You Run With The Anti Matter Idea, Then The Result Is Nothing, As Annihilation Occurs When The Two Act Together.

    I Prefer To Think That The Answer Is Another Similar Force That Can Manipulate Gravity Itself, You Can Try It At Home, They Use It On The Space Station, They Use It In Zero-G Chambers At NASA, But No One Has Stopped To Ponder If The Force They Are Using To Inhibit Gravity Is In Fact The Cause?

    In Every Case, My Equation Has Been Entirely Correct In Measuring Gravity, And Gravitational Forces, Applied To Any Object.
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    And Yes I Know The Superstring Theory Has Answers, But None Are As Seamless As Relativity, Where As, My Equation Is Seamless And To Put It In Perspective, Tiny And Simple.
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    Here's an opinion:

    I've just finish debating one bloke who also claimed he had found a "simple" explanation for the cause of gravity and who posted absolutely no symbolical formalism, who only spoke in tall words... much like what you have postet here

    In the end he was finally forced to admit that he hadn't got the slightes clue what he was talking about...

    If you can't reveal what this is about, then I can't give you any sincere opinion... that's it.
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    Please read our site guide lines regarding personal theories. When your work is published in an acceptable journal feel free to come back.

    Thead locked.
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