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Gravity faster light?/new ideas light!

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    Right, the speed of light was discovered to be wrong in 1976 and someone forgot to mention it to the rest of the planet.

    Save yourself a mouseclick on this one... Einstein was wrong... special relativity is wrong... a briliiant new theory explains that the speed of light is related to charge, and by the way explains the cosmic background radiation too. Etc. etc.

    That was just the first link.

    By the way, a Nobel prize awaits anyone who can come up with a repeatable experiment in which the speed of light in a vacuum is not c. There are probably hundreds of thousands of experiments in which special relativity has been verified, since all particle accelerators require correction for relativity.
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    I went to the first provided site, and it made very little sense. Doesn't red and blue shifts happen BECAUSE the fact that light travels at a constant speed ignoring the source?
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