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Gravity fed pump suction pipe

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    Hello, I have a general problem.

    I have a tank sitting at elevation of 63 feet.
    With 24 inch pipe to 1400 feet away from the facility.
    The facility is sitting at 59 feet.
    To get to our vertical can pumps suction we need to run the pipe up 7 feet for 150 feet of 12 inch pipe and then drop down into the suction of the pump.
    My fluid is gasoline with a specific gravity of 0.72.

    I believe the tank needs at least 4 feet of product (plus a few feet for friction loss) to flow to the pump.
    63+4= 67 feet vs 59 + 7 = 66 feet....

    So Npsha for the pump is.... Patm-Pvap + (67-66) + pump can depth.

    My question is, can the flow from the tank go down the hill and then back up 7 feet to drop down into my pump suction based on just the tank head being one foot (plus a few feet for friction)?
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    jack action

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    That is how it's suppose to work. This is assuming the tank and pump are well vented to the same pressure (usually Patm).
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